We are community of artists, collectors, and programmers pushing the boundaries of the possible by creating first-in-kind physical and digital experiences that combine the Universe with the Metaverse.


We are not your traditional art. We exist to disrupt the financial model of traditional art. In our digital economy, creators always share in the revenue generated from their work, creating residual income that was never possible. We exist to develop a marketplace that promotes the story of our creators and their collections. We empower our creators to define their value and stand out in a noisy marketplace.


Our proof-of-concept collection – Cracked – is an experiment designed and implemented by our very own, imnotOurumov. Cracked consists of 60 generative pieces with variables derived from a unique offline hash seed. Rarity for this collection is defined by multiple traits including Size, Speed, and Color. The bigger, the rarer. The smaller, the rarer. The faster, the rarer. The entire collection for Cracked can be viewed here and purchased on OpenSea.


Our first featured artist, imnotDot, will be releasing his debut collection – KVTNO7 – in the coming weeks. Residing out of California, imnotDot is an abstract artist whose goal is to create art that forces a shift in the viewer's visual perspective. The vision for his debut collection is to combine sound frequencies, visual patterns, and contrasting colors to create images that evoke a perception which deviates from reality when the human visual system attempts to interpret the image. imnotOurumov will partner with imnotDot as the implementor for this debut collection.

We are just getting started at imnotArt and the best is yet to come. We anticipate continued growth and being able to use our platform to help support artists, and pioneer the physical and digital experiences – combining the Universe with the Metaverse. If you decide to join us for the ride, then buckle up.